China, Uganda presidents pledge further cooperation




Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) holds a welcoming ceremony for visiting Ugandan President

Yoweri Museveni before their talks in Beijing on March 31, 2015.   Photo by Li Tao


Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) holds a welcoming ceremony for visiting Ugandan President

Yoweri Museveni before their talks in Beijing on March 31, 2015.   Photo by Huang Jingwen


Chinese President Xi Jinping (2nd from right), visiting Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

(2nd from left) and their wives pose for a photo during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing

on March 31, 2015.   Photo by Huang Jingwen





BEIJING  |   2015-03-31 20:40:04


China, Uganda presidents

pledge further cooperation


By Hou Lijun



Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday of March 31 in Beijing, pledging to enhance bilateral and China-Africa cooperation.

The two leaders agreed to maximize the synergy of each other’s development strategy and build China-Uganda relations as a model modern international partnership, featuring equality, mutual trust, cooperation and win-win results.

Xi applauded the fruitful cooperation between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic ties 53 years ago.

He said the two countries should increase high-level contact, share experience on state governance, and exercise mutual support on issues concerning each other’s core interests.

China is willing to share with Uganda its experiences in developing special economic zones and industrial parks, the president said, calling on the two sides to cooperate more in infrastructure building, investment, health and tourism.

China encourages and supports enterprises to invest in Uganda in energy, mining, industry and agriculture, he said.

The president also suggested enhanced cooperation between the two countries in youth, defense, counterterrorism and international affairs.

Museveni voiced appreciation for China’s long-term support for African countries.

He said Uganda hopes to cooperate more with China in infrastructure construction, including hydropower and standard-gage railways, as well as cooperation in oil, mineral resources, tourism and industrial parks.

After the talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of a number of cooperative documents on economic and technological cooperation, infrastructure building and personnel training.

On Tuesday afternoon, Museveni offered a wreath to the Monument to the People’s Heroes in Beijing’s Tian’anmen Square.








BEIJING  |   2015-03-31 22:37:34


Chinese, Uzbek presidents

talk bilateral ties, cooperation


By Yang Jingzhong



Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov vowed on Tuesday  of March 31 to further propel the ties and cooperation between their countries during a phone conversation.

Xi congratulated Karimov on his reelection as the head of state of Uzbekistan, and voiced the confidence that under Karimov’s leadership the Uzbek people will continue to make more progress in their country’s construction, development and revitalization.

In recent years, the Sino-Uzbek relationship has developed by leaps and bounds, Xi said. The two nations have established strategic partnership, signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation, while mutual political trust and strategic coordination have continuously deepened and reciprocal cooperation in various fields has advanced vigorously, he added.

China attaches great significance to ties with Uzbekistan, firmly supports the country’s choice of its own development path and its efforts to preserve national sovereignty, security, development and other core interests, said Xi.

He expressed the hope that under new circumstances both sides make concerted efforts to forge ahead, share opportunities, address challenges together, strengthen their cooperation in the framework of the Silk Road Economic Belt construction, achieve more successes in enhancing bilateral relations and better benefit the two peoples.

For his part, Karimov thanked Xi for his congratulation. “President Xi sent a congratulatory message to me on my reelection as the head of state at the first time, which reflected mutual trust and respect between the two countries and their leaders as well as the great importance that the Chinese government attaches to the Uzbek-Chinese ties,” said Karimov during the talks.

He fully agreed on Xi’s assessment and views about the two countries’ ties, and pledged to make all efforts to boost the development of the Uzbek-Chinese relationship in his new mandate.

Karimov noted that these years President Xi has raised a series of important initiatives and suggestions with deep thoughts on international and regional affairs as well as global peace and development, which have shown the globe China’s growing influence in world affairs.

Uzbekistan will expand the collaboration with China in international and regional affairs, he said.










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