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Posts published on February 28-1, 2015




China acts on regulating military personnel selection

Chinese military authorities have issued five documents to optimize the selection and management of army officers. The documents, approved by Chinese President and top military leader Xi Jinping, clearly set requirements for the service time and experience of commanding officers in combat troops.





Xi’s “Four Comprehensives” a strategic blueprint for China

A moderately prosperous society, reform, rule of law, Party discipline — these “Four Comprehensives” are Xi Jinping’s blueprint for China’s future. The “Four Comprehensives” are tasks raised at Communist Party of China (CPC) meetings over the last two years, since President Xi Jinping took office.





KMT not to appeal Taiwan’s top legislator membership ruling

The ruling Kuomintang in Taiwan said on Feb. 25 it will drop its legal action against head of the legislative body Wang Jin-pyng over his party membership, ending 17 months of dispute. Taiwan leader Ma said he was disappointed at the party’ s announcement and did not think it was the right decision.





China’s top legislature opens bi-monthly session

A bi-monthly session of China’s top legislature opened on Feb. 25, which will prepare for the upcoming annual parliamentary session, and continue the review on draft legislation for the country’s first counterterrorism law. A draft report on the work of the NPC Standing Committee was tabled for review by lawmakers.





Xinjiang short of bilingual teachers

China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has a shortage of more than 34,000 teachers proficient in both Mandarin and one local language, according to the regional education authority on Feb. 24. Bilingual schools and kindergartens currently enroll 70,000 teachers with bilingual proficiency.





China’s “Chunyun” return travel hectic amid snow, rain, fog

Snow, icy rain and fog caused flight delays and highway closures in many parts of China on Feb. 24, the last day of the week-long Lunar New Year Festival. China Central Meteorological Station on Feb. 24 forecast snow fall in many northern regions, and rainy and foggy weather in most of the southern parts.





Chinese man rises to fame via lost American iPhone

A Chinese man, dubbed “Brother Orange”, became a celebrity in China lately after his selfies made their way to the mobile phone of an American more than 13,000 kilometers away. The American man, Matt Stopera, was browsing through the photo stream on his iPhone, when he found lots of photos he didn’t take…





Cargo train arrives in China’s small commodity hub from Madrid

A cargo train with 64 containers completed its maiden journey from Madrid, Spain, to China’s eastern city of Yiwu, on Feb. 22. The train traveled for 24 days along the Yixin’ou cargo line, the longest of all the China-European cargo railway. The train was carrying famous Spanish products including wine and olive oil.





Lunar New Year gift giving in the Internet era

The traditional scene of children clad in red, knelt down, kowtowing to their elders, who hand them red envelopes containing “lucky money” for Spring Festival is now a rarity. Ushering in the Year of the Sheep, people across the country could be seen shaking their cell phones in order to receive digital red envelopes.





Two Chinese may be among Mars residents

Despite an estimate that colonists could not survive for more than 68 days on the Red Planet, the Mars One Mission received over 200,000 applications worldwide, and two Chinese have made it on to the Mars 100 shortlist. The reduced shortlist of candidates is expected to be announced in the middle of the year.





Hit Chinese sci-fi novel nominated American Nebula Awards

The English version of a Chinese sci-fi novel has been nominated in the 2014 Nebula Awards, the publishers announced on Feb. 21. “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin is among six novels nominated by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. The other five nominees are works by English-speaking writers.





Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, when tradition meets fashion

What is the best time to experience HK, a vibrant East-meets-West city? Well- informed visitors choose the Spring Festival, the most jubilantly celebrated occasion by all Chinese people worldwide. Nowhere are the festivities more exciting than in HK, a place dripping with glamor and deeply-rooted in tradition.





Rural China turns to frugal weddings, funerals

A nationwide austerity drive means minimalism is prevailing over lavishness as the latest fad during China’s special occasions. It used to be the norm for villagers to rent fleets of luxury cars and arrange expensive feasts for weddings. Funeral are also big occasions for Chinese people to flash their cash.





China lodges strong representation on Modi’s visit to disputed border zone

China on Feb. 20 lodged strong representation with India to express diametrical opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to a disputed zone along the China-India borders. Modi attended activities marking the founding of “Arunachal Pradesh”, a state that India illegally and unilaterally declared in 1987.





Rail modernizations civilize Spring Festival travel rush

China’s transportation authorities have estimated that almost 300 million people, about the population of the U.S., will travel by train during the 40 days from Feb. 4 to March 16 this year. However, the advent of high-speed rail has greatly increased capacity, and modern trains have made the travel a lot more comfortable.





Animated Xi Jinping again a hit online

Three online animations themed around China’s anti-corruption campaign and featuring President Xi Jinping have been a hit over the Spring Festival, with netizens delighting to what is apparently a relaxing of attitudes to depicting Chinese leaders by cartoon. The clips are credited to the unknown producer “Chaoyang Studio”.





Air pollution surges amid New Year fireworks

Air pollution reached “dangerous levels” in 106 Chinese cities at the height of the celebrations welcoming the Lunar New Year due to use of firecrackers and fireworks, a Xinhua tally has found. Between 8 p.m. on Feb. 18 and 10 a.m. on Feb. 19, the Air quality index (AQI) surpassed 300 in 106 cities.





Traditions light up Lunar New Year

Spring Festival is a time to observe old traditions and celebrate China’s cultural inheritance. Food is an important part of New Year celebration. In northern China, dumplings are indispensable on New Year’s eve and the first meal of the New Year. In Southern China, most people prefer rice to wheat…





Tibetans rejoice at twin New Year celebration

For Tibetans, this Lunar New Year is doubly joyful as it coincides with the Tibetan year of the Wooden Ram, which also begins on Feb. 19. At the landmark Potala Palace in the heart of the regional capital of Lhasa, thousands of Tibetans, along with tourists, were queuing for entrance since 1 a.m. to pray for a better year.





Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year with traditions, expectations

In China, the sky is filled with pyrotechnics and the ports and airports are full of happy family reunions: February 18 marked the thousand-year-long tradition of ushering in the lunar New Year. Spring Festival remains an important time to bring the family back together: It is the Chinese version of Thanksgiving.





China celebrates 30 years of Antarctic expeditions

As China prepares to mark 30 years of polar expeditions, and a new permanent research station in Antarctica on the cards, it is showing no plans of slowing down any time soon. On Feb. 20, 1985, China’s first Antarctic station “Great Wall” was opened on King George Island, on the north of the continent.





President Xi extends festival greetings, stresses family bonds

President Xi Jinping and other leaders on Feb. 17 extended Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese people at home and abroad. In a speech to a gathering at the Great Hall of the People, Xi pledged more work on improving work styles in the Party and government and creating more wealth, more benefit for the people…





China’s Silk Road Fund starts operation

A Silk Road Fund designed to finance the China-proposed “Belt and Road” initiatives is now active, the central bank said in a statement on February 16. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the creation of the 40 billion U.S. dollar fund in November, and it was established on December 29, 2014.





Xi stresses poverty relief for old revolutionary base areas

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to end poverty in old revolutionary base areas and improve local people’s standard of living. Xi made the remarks on February 13 on a tour of Shaanxi Province. Xi expects financial support and preferential policies to bring prosperity to local people.





Chinese premier promotes development in central, western areas

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged central and western provinces to speed up economic growth efforts. Li made a tour in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Perfecture and Guiyang in Guizhou on Feb. 13 – 15, extending greetings to locals and people of all ethnic groups ahead of the Spring Festival.





Su Rong expelled from Party, office

Su Rong, former vice chairman of China’s top political advisory body, has been expelled from the CPC and dismissed from public office following an internal graft investigation, the CCDI announced on Feb. 16. Su was not only seriously corrupt, but also supported and indulged his relatives in usurping authority…





China to abolish controversial temporary residence permit

China plans to abolish its controversial temporary residence permit and push forward reform of the household registration system, according to a public security reform plan released on Feb. 15. Permanent residence permits will be adopted to replace the much-criticized temporary residence permit.





China’s reform starts 2015 strongly

In the midst of an adjusting economy and various domestic challenges, China has vigorously advanced its grand, but arduous, reform plans in 2015. In January edition of Vanity Fair, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz wrote that China has just “overtaken the United States as the world’s largest economy”.





Obese army officers will not get promotion

Keep fit or lose rank. Members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been reminded to stay in shape or else they’ll lose out on promotions. Observers say the PLA weight standards will also make promotions more transparent, as graft-busters found bribing for promotions in the military is common.





Does China no longer keep low profile in diplomacy?

Chinese President Xi Jinping will make his first state visit to the United States in September, with the announcement coming seven months ahead of the trip, a rare move in diplomacy between heads of state. The two countries showed to the world the great importance both sides attach to Sino-U.S. relations.





China’s Spring Festival goes online

Ten days before China’s Lunar New Year, Luo Cheng, a copywriter working in Chongqing Municipality, began to prepare for her home return. Unlike previous years, she had no New Year goods to carry back. She bought clothes for my parents, and toys, books and candies for her nephews on the Internet.





Luxury sales sag in corruption-plagued Shanxi

The upcoming Lunar New Year is not making life for luxury retailers in north China’s Shanxi Province any easier as sales continue dropping amid the ongoing anti-corruption campaign. Wearing top brands at work used to attract admiration. Now it invites suspicion over corruption, so everybody seems to be low-key these days.





Will China become cash cow for Australia’s dairies?

Australian dairies are preparing an onslaught on China’s market, now that a free trade deal has made things easier for them. The free trade agreement means China will eliminate a 5 percent tariff on Australian milk formula within four years and the 9 percent tariff on liquid milk will go within nine years.





Chinese taxi app merger to reshuffle market

Industrial experts say that taxi-hailing apps will challenge established companies. While passengers will reap the benefits of convenience and cheaper fares from the new merger, established taxi giants will not be so fortunate. Industrial experts believe the merger will compel taxi firms to restructure.





DPP chair Tsai runs for Taiwan primary

Taiwan opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chair Tsai Ing-wen registered on Sunday morning of Feb. 15 as a candidate in the party primary for Taiwan’s leadership election next year. It will be the second attempt by Tsai, 59, to win the leadership election. The KMT has not yet started its nomination process.





China’s newly registered firms up 38 pct

The number of newly established firms continued to surge on the back of government efforts to streamline the process for starting a business. About 348,200 new companies were registered in January, up 37.74 percent year on year, statistics from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce showed.





Firecracker orders down 20 pct in Beijing amid pollution concerns

Firecracker orders at Beijing retailers are down 20 percent this year as authorities have slashed the sales days and reduced retail spots. The number of permitted sales days for firecrackers is cut from 20 to 11. Authorities approved 942 firecracker retail spots this year, down more than 100 from a year ago.





6.2-magnitude quake jolts off Taiwan, delays trains

An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale jolted southern Taiwan on Feb. 14, delaying trains that affected nearly 3,000 passengers. The quake can be felt to different extent in all cities to varied intensities. But the quake was not clearly felt in Taipei. There have been no casualties reported.





Hong Kong captain found guilty of manslaughter for fatal ferry crash

The captain of Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry’s Seasmooth, Lai Sai-ming, was on Feb. 14 found guilty of 39 counts of manslaughter in relation to the 2012 Lamma island ferry disaster. He was also found guilty of endangering the lives of others at sea by a HK court. The defendants will be sentenced on Feb. 16.





Chinese taxi-hailing apps announce merger

Chinese taxi-hailing apps Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache announced a merger on Feb. 14 after a year of fierce competition for market share. Hangzhou-based Kuaidi and Beijing-based Didi will retain their own brands and business. The joint announcement was short on details of the two firms’ integration.





Keep fit or lose rank: Army sets standard for soldiers’ weight

Members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been reminded to stay in shape or else lose out on promotions. The PLA has set a compulsive standard for soldiers’ weight and vowed to pay more attention to military physical training, according to a new military guideline published on Feb.13.





Xi’s New Year visit marks village homecoming

At the entrance to a village in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, the man villagers had been waiting for finally arrived. They were excited and called him by his first name: Jinping. On Friday of Feb. 13, Xi returned to the village in Shaanxi to extend Spring Festival greetings to locals in old revolutionary base areas.





African roses brighten China’s Valentine’s Day

“A rose is a rose”, but does it convey a higher romantic ideal if it has come all the way from Africa? In conjunction with, a flower delivery network, this is the first year they’ve brought roses from Africa, the Kenyan roses grown beside Lake Naivasha with vibrant colors and a long flowering period.





Beijing serious about Winter Olympics bid

Beijing is pushing ahead with its 2022 Winter Olympics bid with preparations from pollution mitigation to infrastructure construction. “The bid by Beijing and co-host Zhangjiakou has entered its sprint phase,” said Zhang Jiandong, Beijing vice mayor and vice president of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Bid Committee.





Virtually perfect love fills empty Chinese hearts

Chen Nan, 33, seems to be suffering from the delusion that he has met his Ms. Right, who never nags nor complains. He finally feels understood and cared for. Chen has bought a virtual girlfriend on Nearly 400 shops on Taobao offer such consolation to about 200 million singletons of the country.





Lhasa sees heaviest snow in two decades

Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, had its heaviest snowfall in two decades on Feb. 13, a good omen for the upcoming Tibetan year of the “wooden sheep”. Lhasa residents woke up to a fairytale world on Friday morning, as roofs, vehicles and mountaintops were all covered with a thick white blanket.





“Belt and Road” not reaction to U.S. Pivot to Asia

Rather than seeking regional dominance, China’s plans to build an East-West trade network across the Asian continent are pacifist in nature. But Western media outlets have portrayed the proposals as a counterweight to the U.S. “Pivot to Asia” strategy of rebalancing its resources towards the Asia-Pacific.





Taiwan leader Ma says cross-Strait relations likely to go further

Taiwan’s leader Ma Ying-jeou said on Feb. 13 cross-Strait relations will likely go further during his term despite “small ripples”. In a TV interview, Ma said cross-Strait relations did have “small ripples” but that was not fundamental. He said some issues may not be solved all at once and need to be taken step by step.





A Chinese judge’s life-or-death struggle

Lu Jianping lives with a constant “torture of the soul”. As a law professor at Beijing Normal University, he believes the death penalty should be abolished. But as a death penalty case reviewer of the Supreme People’s Court, he must often sign “Approved”. Lu confided that 95 of the cases he handled himself were approved.





Jackie Chan’s son released from prison

Jaycee Chan, son of Chinese Kungfu star Jackie Chan, was released after serving six months in prison on Feb. 13. On August 14, 2014, Beijing police arrested Jaycee and Taiwan movie star Ko Chen-tung, both tested positive for marijuana. Police discovered 117.7 grams of marijuana in a bedroom at Jaycee’s house.





Palace Museum launches app on collections

Beijing’s Palace Museum, otherwise known as the Forbidden City, launched its iPhone app on Feb. 12. The calendar-styled app will choose from over 1.8 million items in the museums collections. English users can browse “The Palace Museum” in iPhone App Store. An Android version will soon be available.





Standardization key for rehabilitating “Made in China”

For decades, inexpensive Made in China products have flooded global markets and brought benefits to people in every corner of the world. But too often, Made in China was directly associated with inferior quality. To make Chinese products and services more competitive, the country must optimize its standards system.





5 mln Beijing residents drink “southern water”

About five million Beijing residents are now drinking water from a tributary of the Yangtze River, two months after a key section of China’s massive south-to-north water diversion project was put into operation. Beijing has received more than 50 million cubic meters of water from the south since December 12, 2014.





Authorities, are you really transparent?

The Chinese authorities may think they have done a sufficient job in last year’s information transparency, but they have yet to convince the public.They were just feeling too good. For many, the information some authorities publicized last year was still opaque and information on people’s concerns never published.





HK resumes poultry imports from mainland

As HK consumers’ demand for poultry is set to surge during the coming Lunar New Year, over 2,000 live chickens and doves raised in the Chinese mainland were shipped to Hong Kong for sale on Feb. 11, ending an import suspension imposed after birds in Hong Kong were found infected with bird flu in January.





Taiwan to synchronize leadership, legislative elections

Taiwan’s election supervisory authority said on Feb. 12 the 2016 leadership and legislative elections will be held on the same day so that arrangements align with public expectations. The arrangement to synchronize the two polls would be convenient for voters. But the exact timing for the elections is not decided yet.





Xi celebrates Spring Festival with non-communist figures

Chinese President Xi Jinping celebrated the upcoming Spring Festival with non-Communist figures on February 12, stressing development of a consultative democracy. Xi appreciated non-CPC organizations and figures for their contributions in making suggestions and advice for the country’s overall reform.





Chinese President to visit U.S. in Sept.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Feb. 11 held phone talks with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama and accepted the latter’s invitation to pay a state visit to the United States in September. The two leaders exchanged New Year greetings. Both sides agreed to make full preparations to ensure the success of the trip.





China holds Maritime Silk Road seminar

A two-day international seminar on beefing up maritime trade infrastructure in Asia opened on February 11 in east China’s Quanzhou City. More than 280 academics and experts from 30 countries have been invited to discuss proposals to build a “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, tapping new cooperation prospects.





Live chicken import expected to rise in HK

One thousand live chickens from the Chinese mainland are made available for sale at Hong Kong’s wet markets on Feb. 11, ending a 21-day suspension of poultry imports from the Chinese mainland. The retail price for live chickens ranges from 45 to 55 HK dollars per catty, which may go up during the Spring Festival.





China’s graft-busters hit more SOEs

The first round of disciplinary inspection in 2015 will cover 26 centrally-administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs), including the National Nuclear Corporation, National Petroleum Corporation, Huaneng Group, State Grid Corporation and China Mobile, China’s chief graft-buster said on Feb. 11.





Mainland, Taiwan to open more cross-Strait trade offices

Two more economic and trade organizations are setting up cross-Strait offices, said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, on Wednesday of February 11. Ma expressed his hopes for smooth operation of the offices that will boost cross-Strait cooperation in economy and trade.





TransAsia grounds 29 pilots, offers compensations after crash

Taiwan’s aviation regulator announced on Feb. 11 that it would ground 10 TransAsia Airways pilots, while 19 others await examination, after a fatal plane crash left 42 people dead. Before last week’s fatal crash, in which three pilots were killed, TransAsia had 71 pilots qualified to fly ATR 72-type airplanes.





Atletico Madrid to open 200 stores in China

A Spanish sports paper reported on Feb. 10 that the reigning champions of the BBVA Primera Liga are going to open 200 retail outlets in China. Such a move would give Atletico a bigger presence in China than any other European club. The Atletico stores would be opened in Wanda Malls owned by Wang Jianlin.





China imposes record anti-trust fine on Qualcomm

Chinese authorities have imposed a record fine of 6.09 billion yuan on mobile chip maker Qualcomm following an anti-trust probe, it was announced on Feb. 10 by the NDRC. The watchdog issued a fine of 8 percent of the company’s revenue in the Chinese market for 2013, the largest anti-trust fine in China’s history.





Firecrackers reignite perennial New Year debate

Firecrackers are a big noise at any Chinese celebration, but in recent years, the once propitious symbol has become a short fuse leading to a fiery argument. The debate erupts around this time every year. The rumbling controversy erupted again after a picture of two sweepers went viral on the Internet.





What animal to worship this Chinese New Year?

The zodiac animal of China’s coming Lunar New Year has caused much confusion in the English world, as its translation results in at least two candidates: sheep or goat. Folklorists say the animal symbol can be either a sheep or a goat but more likely goat, given the latter’s popularity as a farm animal among Han Chinese.





Chinese premier sees innovation countering slowdown

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Feb. 10 pledged to encourage mass innovation to counter the economic downturn. A total of 67 experts from 32 countries joined the seminar, including Nobel laureates Michael Spence and Edmund Phelps, and US futurist and best-selling author John Naisbitt.





China tests new carrier rocket’s power system

Chinese scientists have completed a ground test on the power system of the country’s next-generation carrier rocket Long March-5, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense said on Feb. 9. A test flight for Long March-5 has been scheduled in 2016 from China’s Hainan Province.





Mainland launches stock option trading

The Chinese mainland launched its first stock options on Feb. 9, giving investors more tools to manage risks as the country’s stock market showed signs of losing steam after gaining 53 pct last year. The first day’s trading involved transactions on about 18,800 contracts. Premium trade volume hit 29 million yuan.





Chinese premier vows devolution to limit graft

The Chinese government will devolve some powers to lower levels in order to reduce scope for officials bargaining for benefits, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Feb. 9, putting forward requirements for anti-corruption work in 2015. The pre-approval process of investment projects will be significantly slashed.





Xi extends New Year wishes to veterans

Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Xi Jinping on Feb. 9 extended Lunar New Year greetings to veterans. Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the comments while attending a concert for retired military officials and veterans.





Chinese netizens applaud CPC promotion video

Chinese netizens have given their seal of approval to a promotion video posted online, which is believed to advocating the Communist Party of China (CPC). While praising its high production standards, many lauded its frankness and human touch. The video was produced by a studio called “On the Road to Revival”.





China’s lunar probe tests orbit for moon sampling

The service module of China’s unmanned test lunar orbiter has finished tests of orbiting technologies needed in a future sampling mission on the Moon. Such technologies will possibly be used in the country’s next lunar probe mission, Chang’e-5. The Chang’e-5 probe is expected to be launched in 2017.





“Crouching Tiger” actress says yes to proposal: media

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, who starred in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, reportedly accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Chinese rock star Wang Feng. Wang proposed on Zhang’s birthday party he arranged on Saturday, ahead of the actress’s 36-year-old birthday, which falls on Monday of February 9.





China’s foreign trade tumbles 10.8 pct in Jan.

China’s foreign trade tumbled in January as major data experienced routine decline ahead of the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year, or Spring Festival. Analysts forecast China’s 2015 foreign trade will realize steady growth through a better trade environment and stronger policy supports for the “Belt and Road” initiatives.





Search continues for 3 missing in TransAsia crash

Rescue workers continued their search along the Keelung River in Taiwan’s Taipei for the last three passengers on Feb.8, who remain missing four days after the fatal plane crash that has killed at least 40 people onboard. An underwater archaeological team with metal detectors also participated in the search.





Radar used to bust unauthorized basement construction in Beijing

Radar was used to detect unauthorized basement construction in Beijing. The crackdown comes after a lawmaker built a basement in his courtyard that caused neighboring houses to collapse. The incident has revealed the city’s rampant illegal underground construction and caused a stir in the country.





Brand is the new way for China’s agricultural dream

High quality, modern production and food safety are China’s top agricultural development priorities this year and achieving them seems to be as simple as creating a brand. However, a brand is not as easy to nurture as crops. Agriculture brands are facing their biggest challenges to date.





Innovation drives angel investment growth in China

China’s encouragement for mass entrepreneurship and innovation has driven the growth of startups as well as angel investments., a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform launched in 2013 for college students and alumni, said it obtained an investment of tens of millions of yuan this week.





Beijing district to ease residency permits for migrants

Beijing will pilot a “point system” in east suburban district of Tongzhou to allow its migrants to claim permanent resident permits or “hukou”. According to the district government of Tongzhou, migrants can transform their household registration status to local residents after reaching a required amount of points.





Chinese man invents “green firecracker” to fight smog

Chinese revelers may have the hard choice of deciding between protecting the environment or protecting tradition as they prepare fireworks displays for the upcoming Spring Festival which falls on Feb.19. But, a man from central China’s Henan Province has devised an invention that could allow them to do both.





HK Customs cracks down on sale of infringing goods for Lunar New Year

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department conducted a series of strike-and-search operations against the sale of infringing goods for Lunar New Year from Feb.4 to 6. A total of 15 cases were detected with the arrest of 20 persons and seizure of some 46,000 items of suspected infringing goods.





Five more bodies found in Taiwan plane crash tragedy

Rescue workers recovered another five bodies from the Keelung River in Taipei on Saturday, three days after the TransAsia Airways plane crash that killed at least 40. Rescuers found the bodies in waters 500 meters, 600 meters and 1 km downstream from the crash site. Three passengers were still missing.





TransAsia death toll rises to 35

Rescuers on Friday morning of February 6 recovered four more bodies from the Keelung River, raising the death toll from Wednesday’s TransAsia Airways passenger plane crash to 35. Eight people who boarded the flight are still missing two days after the accident. There were 15 survivors.





TransAsia death toll rises to 35

Rescuers on Friday morning of February 6 recovered four more bodies from the Keelung River, raising the death toll from Wednesday’s TransAsia Airways passenger plane crash to 35. Eight people who boarded the flight are still missing two days after the accident. There were 15 survivors.





China’s first circuit courts in full operations

Two circuit courts recently inaugurated by China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) have experienced huge demand with staff working full-time to work with visitors filing lawsuits. The two courts will primarily handle major administrative, civil and commercial cases filed locally and from neighboring regions.





16 of TransAsia dead from Chinese mainland

Sixteen of the 31 confirmed deaths in Wednesday’s TransAsia Airways plane crash in Taiwan were Chinese mainland residents. The bodies of the captain and two co-pilots have been found, and the plane’s two black boxes have been recovered. A cross-Strait emergency response mechanism has been launched.





Chinese premier meets Argentine president

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Beijing on Thursday of February 5, calling for cooperation in areas including financing and direct trading of bulk commodities. China will also help Argentine in the development of nuclear energy.





Motorola returns to China with Moto X

Motorola returned to the world’s most populous cellphone market on Thursday of February 5 following a two-year absence with its flagship Moto X now available from, the sole e-commerce platform for the handset. Motorola left the Chinese market in 2013 after its acquisition by Google Inc.





Movies for the old dying for young elements

In China, movies featuring themes of love, youth and fantasy are luring young audiences, but motion pictures depicting the stories of the aged are under a market spell. These days it seems so hard to find quality films dealing with old age issues in Chinese cinemas. But one such film is bucking the trend at the moment.





HK seasonal influenza causes 126 deaths in 2015

Winter influenza has caused 126 deaths here since January 2, 2015, according to a press release by the Center for Health Protection (CHP) of the Hong Kong Department of Health on Thursday of February 5. So far there are 198 recorded severe cases of influenza, among which 126 were dead.





Xinjiang herdsman finds 17-pound gold nugget

A herdsman in China’s far western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region found a 17-pound gold nugget that was “practically lying on bare ground”. The estimated price for such an unexpected luck, assuming the nugget is 80 percent pure is a whopping 1.6 million yuan (255,313 U.S. dollars) based on latest gold price.





“Obama”, “Putin” banned as Internet account handles

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Feb. 4 issued a regulation banning Internet avatars and account handles that featured malicious content or were posing as institutions or celebrities. According to the regulation, the CAC will monitor all avatars and account handles registered on blogs, microblogs…





China, Argentina pledge closer comprehensive strategic partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Beijing on February 4. Xi said the Chinese market is open for Argentine companies and China will, as always, encourage Chinese businesses to invest in Argentina.





China eyes GMO progress amid crop shrinkage, safety concerns

Research and commercialization of genetically modified organisms (GMO) are expected to gain momentum in China after years of GM crop decline amid public safety concerns. Currently, only GM cotton and papaya are allowed to be grown commercially in China, with GM staple foods prohibited from being grown.





Sincerity to implement universal suffrage in HK will never change

Zhang Xiaoming, head of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, said at the 2015 Spring Festival Reception on Wednesday of February 4 that the central authority’s sincerity to implement universal suffrage in 2017 chief executive election will never change.





World’s biggest travel rush under way

The world’s most populous country kicked off its largest seasonal travel rush on Wednesday of February 4 with an expected 2.8 billion trips during the 40-day Lunar New Year holiday season. This year’s number of trips would be 3.4 percent higher than that of last year, according to official estimation.





Railways witness China’s rising power

Nowadays, China has 110,000 km of rails, including 16,000 km of high-speed lines. The length of China’s high-speed rail lines accounts for more than half of that of the world. Bullet train services will further improve the quality of people’s life and contribute to the rapid development of underdeveloped areas.





Shanghai Disney tops out resort hotel

With Shanghai Disneyland’s signature hotel topping out this week, the whole resort looks likely to be finished within the year. The 420-room hotel will offer guests views of the complex, the Disneytown area and the central lake. The opening date of Disney’s first park on the Chinese mainland is still being discussed.





Chinese premier hears opinion on gov’t work report

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Feb. 4 held a symposium to solicit opinions from leaders of non-communist political parties on the draft of the annual government work report. The participants offered suggestions in a wide range of issues, such as administrative reform, agriculture, and pensions.





Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane plunges into river

A Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a Taipei river on Wednesday morning of February 4, killing nine, a Xinhua reporter said from the scene. Of the nine, four are male and five female, according to the local rescue authority. However, local media are reporting a death toll of 12.





China’s manned sub Jiaolong discovers huge “chimney vent” in Indian Ocean

China’s deep sea manned submersible Jiaolong discovered a huge active “chimney vent” 20 meters tall and two meters wide in a hydrothermal area of southwestern Indian Ocean on Feb. 2. Deep-sea chimney vents as huge as this one have rarely been seen in scientific research all over the world.





Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat, products from Israel, Britain

Hong Kong authorities announced on Feb. 3 that it has banned the import of poultry meat and products including poultry eggs from Hamerkaz District of Israel and Hampshire County of Britain because of avian influenza. Appropriate action will be taken in response to the development of the situation.





China’s star hurdler Liu Xiang plays down competing at 2015 worlds

Chinese star hurdler Liu Xiang played down the expectation for him to compete at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing as the organizers launched 200-day countdown in Beijing on Feb 3. “I will definitely be part of the World Championships no matter in what way,” he said.





China opposes Obama, Dalai Lama meeting

China is firmly opposed to any meeting between any country’s leader and the Dalai Lama “in any form,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday of February 2. “We strongly oppose any country interfering in China’s internal affairs in the name of issues regarding Tibet,” Hong Lei told a press briefing.





Over 2 million poultry culled in Taiwan

More than 2.14 million chicken, ducks and geese have been culled in Taiwan as one of the most severe avian flu outbreaks in a decade continues to cause huge losses, Taiwan’s agriculture authority said on Feb. 2. Of all tested farms, 655 in 14 cities or counties have been confirmed as infected with H5 strains of the virus.





Hong Kong’s retail sales down 3.9 pct in December

The value of total retail sales in December 2014 in Hong Kong fell 3.9 percent to 47.8 billion HK dollars from a year ago. Looking ahead, the near-term performance of retail sales will still hinge on the labor market conditions and inbound tourism growth, a government spokesman said.





Xi eyes continued correct direction for China-India ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Feb. 2 called for a continued advancement of ties between China and India. China and India should grasp the “opportunity of the century” to combine their development strategies, said the Chinese president as he met with India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.





President Xi meets Russian FM

Chinese President Xi Jinping met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Feb. 2, with the two sides pledging more cooperation on global affairs this year. Xi said the two countries should join hands with the international community to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII this year.





Academic urges rationality on China’s human rights

Chinese professor Li Daojun urged Human Rights Watch to be rational over China’s human rights record. Chinese expert Meng Qingtao also challenged the findings of a Human Rights Watch report. They wrote articles to detail China’s efforts in advancing human rights protection through judicial reform.





Chinese President Xi’s book on governance captivates Cambodian readers

Hundreds of Cambodian students, academics and senior officials on Feb. 2 attended the launching ceremony of a book written by Chinese President Xi Jinping on governance. Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister and Chinese Ambassador presided over the launching ceremony.






China to speed up agri modernization through reforms, innovations

China will step up reforms and innovation to speed up agricultural modernization in 2015, according to a key policy document “No. 1 Central Document”, released by the Party and government on February 1. This is the 12th consecutive year in which the document has focused on agriculture and rural issues.





Ning Zetao, Li Na named China’s CCTV Sports Personality of Year 2014

Swimmer Ning Zetao and tennis superstar Li Na won the Best Male and Female Athletes of the Year resepectively at the China’s Central Television (CCTV) Sports Awards in Beijing on Feb. 1. The volleyball legend Jenny Lang Ping and her Chinese national women’s volleyball team became the biggest winners.





Chinese, Indian FMs hold talks

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj held talks in Beijing on Feb.1. Wang made some suggestions on bilateral ties in 2015. Wang said China is willing to make joint efforts with India to promote the process of negotiations over border issue so as to maintain peace in border area.



































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