Malaysia to discuss forming international panel on missing plane investigation







KUALA LUMPUR   2014-04-16  20:53:54

>>  Malaysia to discuss forming international panel on missing plane investigation

By Zhao Bochao

Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammudin Hussein said here Wednesday that the Malaysian cabinet would discuss forming an international expert panel to look into the missing flight MH370 incident.

He said the cabinet would discuss the issue to show the world that Malaysia had nothing to hide.

“We are forming a panel of inquiry consisting of experts from around the world … who are respected, credible and who will make decisions and investigate without fear or favor,” he added.

He also said Malaysia had sent another auxiliary vessel, Bunga Mas 6 to the waters off Perth, Australia, to assist in the search efforts.







ABOARD JINGGANGSHAN   2014-04-16   14:45:12

>>  Chinese naval vessels move southward in MH370 search

By Hu Yao

Chinese ships searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on Wednesday adjusted their search area and moved southward.

Three Chinese naval ships — amphibious landing vessel Jinggangshan, missile destroyer Haikou and supply ship Qiandaohu — together with Chinese petrol ship Donghaijiu 101 and Nanhaijiu 101, searched in the designated area, located between 27 to 30 degrees south latitude and 92 to 95 degrees east longitude.

The new area covers 6,700 square nautical miles (22,981 square km), less than the number designated for Tuesday of above 10,000 square nautical miles.

Nothing related to the missing plane has been found so far by the Chinese ships.







PERTH, Australia   2014-04-16   07:43:17

>>  Search for MH370 resumes with redeployment of the AUV: JACC

By Wang Xiaoshu

Up to 14 aircraft and 11 ships will assist in Wednesday’s search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, while the autonomous underwater vehicle ( AUV) Bluefin 21 was again deployed Tuesday night from Ocean Shield for underwater searching, the Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC) confirmed on Wednesday.

“The data from Bluefin-21′s first mission has been downloaded and analyzed. No objects of interest were found,” the JACC said.

As the search operation for missing Malaysian Airline flight MH370 entered the stage of underwater search, the autonomous underwater vehicle, Bluefin 21, undertook its first mission from Monday evening to early Tuesday morning.

However, an unexpected encounter with water deeper than 4,500 meter, the limit of Bluefin’s diving capability, had forced the first operation to end prematurely.

The Bluefin initially has an operating cycle of 24 hours, with two hours going down, 16 hours of searching underwater, two hours coming up to the surface and four hours for data downloading, analysis and re-programming.

In addition, 11 military aircraft, three civil aircraft and 11 ships will assist in Wednesday’s search. And the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a visual search area totaling approximately 55,151 square km Wednesday. The center of the search areas lies approximately 2,087 km north west of Perth.

The weather forecast for Wednesday is said to be south easterly winds with isolated rain showers, sea swells up to 2 meters and visibility of 5 km.









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