Cross-Strait flights increase to 670 per week


An airhostess of China Southern Airlines waves to the first cross-Strait weekend chartered

flight from China’s mainland to Taiwan before it takes off from Guangzhou, capital of south

China’s Guangdong Province, at 6:31 a.m.on Friday of July 4, 2008.   Photo by Zhuang Jin


A member of the inaugural tour group from the Chinese mainland to southeast

China’s Taiwan Province boards the weekend chartered flight at Capital International

Airport in Beijing, capital of China, on Friday of July 4, 2008. Some 760 Chinese

mainland tourists took the first weekend chartered flights to Taiwan from Beijing,

Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen and Guangzhou on Friday.   Photo by Chen Jianli




  Cross-Strait flights

increase to 670 per week


By Tian Ye


Flights between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have increased from 616 to 670 per week, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) announced on Monday of August 12.

The increase in the number of flights was based on an amendment to a supplement agreement on cross-Strait air transportation, which has been acknowledged by the ARATS and the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF).

The ARATS and SEF are authorized by the mainland and Taiwan, respectively, to handle cross-Strait affairs.

The amendment was drafted by aviation authorities from both the mainland and Taiwan in two meetings held in May and June.

The Chinese mainland is currently the largest source of tourists to Taiwan, while the island is the third largest source of visitors to the mainland.

Taiwan has seen an increase in mainland tourists in the past five years since an overall ban on traveling to the island was lifted by Taiwanese authorities in July 2008.

About 6.2 million mainland tourists have visited Taiwan in the past five years, official statistics show.

For decades, mainland travelers had to transfer at overseas airports, often in Hong Kong, in order to reach Taiwan by air.

In 2003, the two sides agreed to operate charter flights during the Spring Festival, China’s biggest public holiday.

Regular direct flights across the Taiwan Strait have been available since July 2008.






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